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About Taveniu Virgin Coconut Oil

TaveNiu Virgin Coconut Oil and Wali Wali Virgin Coconut Oil are produced by Pacific Produce Pte Ltd on Taveuni, Fiji’s third largest island.

Our products are organically certified, and 100% produced here in Fiji.

Our proprietary cold-press technology creates a virgin coconut oil of exceptional purity and smoothness with a hint of sweet nuttiness, and is now available at selected retail outlets. 

Contact us for retail, wholesale, export and general product enquiries.

Our Journey

The production of VCO at source has taken us close to full circle. Back in 1988 coconuts and copra was our main cash crop and source of living. With margins squeezed and profits low we moved on to alternatives such as taro, kava, turmeric, ginger and pineapple.

With the emergence of virgin coconut oil as a healthy alternative we turned full circle, replanting coconuts and commencing the production of VCO with our standards set very high.

Living in a fairly remote part of the Island we have people from the villages around us to come and work – planting coconut, harvesting pineapples, producing coconut oil, working in the office – earning a living for themselves and their families. We are very proud of what we have achieved as a team, and proud of the quality of our fruits and our coconut oil. With their help and setting the bar high, we are confident we will be producing high quality organic virgin coconut oil for many many years to come.