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The Origins of The Coconut Palm

The Origins of The Coconut Palm

The coconut palm but it has been grown for thousands of years in the East – but where did it come from ? The only one who seems to know………is Ina. A Pacific tale of how the Coconut Palm came to life

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How Coconuts Went From Poor Man’s Crop To Top Commercial Commodity

The emergence of virgin coconut oil changed coconuts from being a poor man’s crop to a commercial commodity.

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Extra Supermarket to stock TaveNiu Virgin Coconut Oil

Peter Kjaer and Lilian Ekbom of Pacific Produce PTE Ltd from Taveuni made a successful deal with Extra Supermarket to have their new product – TaveNiu Virgin Coconut oil on the shelf.

TaveNiu Virgin Coconut Oil now available online at

Our premium Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil is now available online through – free shipping worldwide and local delivery in Fiji.